Environment, Planning & Agriculture – 2019

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2019 Environment, Planning & Agriculture Committee Members

2019 Members 

Kara Hahn - Chair | Al Krupski - Vice Chair

Tom Cilmi - Sarah S. Anker - Tom Muratore - Bridget Fleming

All meetings are held on Mondays at 10:00 AM at the Suffolk County Legislature, William H. Rogers Building, 725 Veterans Memorial Highway, Smithtown, NY unless otherwise noted below.

2019 Meeting Dates

  • 02/04/2019
  • 02/25/2019 (Riverhead)
  • 03/18/2019
  • 04/01/2019
  • 05/06/2019
  • 05/15/2019 (Wednesday @ 2:30 PM - Capital Budget Only)
  • 05/31/2019 (Friday)
  • 06/10/2019 (Riverhead - 11:00 AM)
  • 07/08/2019 (11:00 AM)
  • 08/26/2019
  • 09/23/2019
  • 10/16/2019 (Wednesday @ 2:30 PM - Operating Budget Only)
  • 11/18/2019 (Rescheduled to 11/19 @ 1:30 PM)
  • 12/09/2019


This Committee shall monitor and oversee the land acquisition, farmland, and water quality components of the County’s land preservation programs; oversee all legislation relating to the 477 Fund; oversee agricultural matters; oversee the Open Space Land Acquisition Program; oversee farmland preservation; oversee aquaculture programs; oversee all environmentally sensitive land acquisitions; oversee the implementation of the County’s transfer of development rights (TDR) program, except for TDRs relating to workforce housing; oversee implementation of Smart Growth plans, initiatives, and legislation; and oversee the Planning Division and County Planning Commission.

This Committee shall also have jurisdiction over all legislation involving or affecting the protection and/or preservation of air, water, and land resources located within the County of Suffolk; the Suffolk County Water Authority; Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ); review and consider all legislation affecting solid waste disposal, liquid waste disposal, toxic waste disposal, resource recovery, and recycling programs; review and consider all legislation affecting existing or proposed environmental laws at the federal, state, or local level, including, but not limited to, the pesticide ban, residential well-water testing requirements, brown tide laws, composting, air quality standards, and general recycling laws; review and consider all proposed SEQRA determinations; oversee hazardous and toxic waste remediation initiatives; review and consider all legislation affecting air and water pollution control; and oversee the Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Division of Environmental Services in the County Department of Health Services.

This Committee shall also consider and vote on any appointment to a board, commission, department, agency, authority, task force, or comparable entity under the jurisdiction of this Committee.