2019 Resolutions



  • Authorizing the County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation to enter into and execute and agreement with Warrior Ranch Foundation, Inc. For Use, Renovation and maintenance of the Long Island Beagle Club Property in Calverton, NY. (Introductory Resolution 1089-19 (PDF))
  • Authorizing Funding of Infrastructure Improvements and Oversight of Real Property Under the Suffolk County Affordable Housing Opportunities Program (Vineyard Views). (Introductory Resolution 1126-19 (PDF))
  • Authorizing Extension of Time To Pay Real Property Taxes For Persons Who Were Furloughed. (Introductory Resolution 1142-19 (PDF))
  • Appropriating funds in connection with Strengthening and Improving County Roads (CP 5014). (Introductory Resolution 1190-19 (PDF))
  • Accepting and appropriating a donation of $7,500 from Sherry Wheaton, a private citizen, to the Suffolk County Police Department for the specific purchase of a canine for the Suffolk County Police Department Canine Section in memory of her husband, Scott J. Wheaton, a private citizen. (Introductory Resolution 1212-19 (PDF))