2019 Resolutions

Introductory Resolutions

  • Sponsored a charter law to align the County Charter with current governing practices by expressly authorizing the County Executive to amend the budget at any time throughout a given fiscal year. (Introductory Resolution 1403-19 (PDF))
  • Co-sponsored legislation to create an “annual temporary event permit” for vendors of shellfish grown or harvested in Long Island waters, allowing them to get a single permit valid for one year at temporary events, with no fees for the first two years (Introductory Resolution 1397-19 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a local law to ensure a second chance in Suffolk County by prohibiting inquiry into criminal arrests or convictions on employment applications until a conditional offer of employment is extended (“Ban the Box” legislation) (Introductory Resolution 1319-19 (PDF))
  • Worked to award $1.25 million in Jumpstart Suffolk funding to the YMCA at Wyandanch Village (Introductory Resolution 1315-19 (PDF))
  • Co-sponsored legislation designating August as “Children’s Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month” in Suffolk County (Introductory Resolution 1313-19 (PDF))
  • Sponsored legislation approving $10,000 in county funding for Fearless Footsteps as a contract agency (Introductory Resolution 1247-19 (PDF))
  • Established a Youth Anti-Bullying Task Force to be made up of residents ages 16-18 who will discuss challenges associated with bullying in the 21st century and develop creative solutions to protect their health and safety and decrease bullying both in and out of school (Introductory Resolution 1245-19 (PDF))
  • Secured $5,000 in county funding for Long Island Latino Teachers Association, Inc. as a contract agency (Introductory Resolution 1246-19 (PDF))
  • Co-sponsored legislation extending the time to pay real property taxes for persons who were furloughed or designated a non-pay federal employee due to the lapse in discretionary appropriations by the federal government (Introductory Resolution 1142-19 (PDF))
  • Co-sponsored legislation designating March as “Irish-American Heritage Month” in Suffolk County (Introductory Resolution 1046-19 (PDF))
  • Co-sponsored legislation to prohibit the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies (Introductory Resolution 1039-19 (PDF))
  • Co-sponsored legislation allowing Warrior Ranch Foundation, Inc. to use, renovate and maintain the Long Island Beagle Club property in Calverton, NY for use as a horsemanship therapy program for veterans and first-responders (Introductory Resolution 1089-19 (PDF))