Message from Presiding Officer Robert Calarco

Welcome to the official website of the Suffolk County Legislature.

I am deeply honored to have been elected to serve as Presiding Officer. It is humbling to have the confidence of my colleagues, and I am proud to serve alongside truly engaged people who bring their best to governance. As legislators, we share the goal of safeguarding the quality of life you expect as residents and as taxpayers of one of our nation’s greatest places to live.

As the new Presiding Officer, I look forward to leading the Legislature on an ambitious agenda for 2020. My colleagues and I take seriously our duty to protect your hard-earned tax dollars. As such, we will focus on the county budget and getting Suffolk on strong financial footing, and we will continue to promote openness and transparency in our operations.

Recognizing the need to increase diversity in county hiring and promote inclusion in Suffolk neighborhoods, we are raising diversity to a committee level to ensure that each person has an equal shot at getting a county job and living where they wish. When everyone gets a chance to reach his or her full potential, we all win.

Additionally, we will continue our landmark efforts to preserve the environment. Our groundwater is a precious natural resource and protecting our water quality is of the utmost importance, especially as sea levels continue to rise. This is the defining issue of our generation, and we will meet the challenge.

Protecting our environment and water includes encouraging smart and sustainable economic growth. We will do that by growing our downtowns, investing in public transportation, increasing access to affordable housing, and putting sewers in low-lying areas. Creative solutions will be critical to providing opportunities for young people hoping to build a life in Suffolk, and we will continue to support our veterans and find ways to help the less fortunate. 

The Suffolk County Legislature has a long history of being an innovative and progressive body that has been on the forefront of public policy, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to continue that tradition. We have a lot of great opportunities ahead of us, and every decision we make will be rooted in bettering the lives of our constituents.

Our county is best served when we all – government, the public, and the private sector – work together. I look forward to this opportunity to work in partnership with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.