District 11 - Abigail Narra - Gold

District 11 - Abigail Narra - GOLDAbigail Narra | Legislator Steven J. Flotteron's Honoree | Gold Award

District 11 - Abigail Narra Headshot - GOLDAbigail Narra received the Gold Award for the DYA 2019/20 program.

Abby’s twin sister, Paisley, also completed the DYA program.

Abby took charge of her volunteer efforts by first researching what were the needs in her local community and she made a plan to figure out where she was needed most.  She volunteered through United States Pony Club as a mentor to younger club members.  She also volunteered with the NE Chapter of American Littoral Society where she conducted beach clean ups and as well as organizing some of her own in her community.  Abby is always willing to help anyone and even was a babysitter and pet sitter for her neighbors and helped rescue birds with Sweet Brier Nature Center.  Abby enjoys helping children and read books to her neighbors 4 year old son zoom during COVID-19 so the mom could have some time to do her chores around the house.  In addition, Abby honored COVID-19 frontline workers and others who needed a lift cheering up. She collected, cleaned and delivered ribbons to frontline workers. What a wonderful attribute.

Abby set a goal for herself to learn how to speak Korean, trying different media tools for her art and learned to cook meals that were new to her.  She felt that during COVID-19, she had to keep herself busy so she was always looking at tutorials to further her interests to learn something new.

She loved exploring all the great Suffolk County Parks and actually went out of her comfort zone; she doesn’t like bugs but put on her bug spray and out she went hiking and walking through the parks.  She didn’t realize how beautiful they are and that she had never been to some of them so this project really taught her that Long Island is beautiful and there are so many great places to explore.

Abby accomplished her physical fitness goals through a variety of ways.  She initiated outside lessons with her tennis coach and she continued to access the internet for online resources.  She prides herself with being healthy – both mentally and physically and most of all displays good sportsmanship.

Abby is a well-rounded young lady who I know will continue to do great things in her life.  I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.