District 11 - Paisley Narra - Gold

District 11 - Paisley Narra - GOLD

Paisley Narra | Legislator Steven J. Flotteron's Honoree | Gold Award

District 11 - Paisley Narra Headshot - GOLDPaisley Narra received the Gold Award for the DYA 2019/20 program.

Paisley’s goal was to work with volunteer organizations and basically “pay it forward” to her community.  She was head volunteer through the United States Pony Club where she developed a curriculum for early learners in the club.  She volunteered to teach the younger girls sign language, as well as tutoring and pet care.  She loved volunteering with environmental clubs to do beach clean ups and rescued and rehabilitated local birds.  She enjoys making a difference in peoples’ lives by just putting forth genuine effort to care for others and make their lives easier. She also helped local families and families also in her community.  She learned a lot about time management.  It taught her that if you set a goal, you need to prepare and have a plan.  She did just that!

Paisley also created a Facebook group for her organization to make ribbon donations called “Ribbons for Reasons”. Like her sister, Abby, she helped her neighbors in any way she could and cared for their pets. She participated at a farm and helped with the gardening.  Created a new project and online tutorials and taught herself French through an app online. 

She loved exploring all the great Suffolk County Parks and enjoyed being with her family in nature. Long Island is beautiful and there are so many great places to explore. After visiting the parks, Paisley would take pictures and videos and go home and research the different trees, plants and animals.  It was a great experience.

Paisley was able to meet her physical fitness goals because she is an athlete.  She expanded on her horseback riding along with learning new activities such as water sports.  She enjoys volleyball and tennis and walking too.