District 04 - Bianca Ciaravino - Silver

District 04 - Bianca Ciaravino - SILVER

Bianca Ciaravino | Legislator Thomas Muratore's Honoree | Silver Award

District 04 - Bianca Ciaravino Headshot - SILVERExploration

  • Bianca visited the county parks and was able to be better appreciate the parks by using the trails for hiking and was able to see many different types of animals and wildlife.
  • She was able to better appreciate the parks and the surroundings and take notice of old campsite when she was there with her girl scouts’ troop.

Physical Fitness

  • Bianca enjoyed the challenge of physical fitness and also enjoyed volleyball and skateboarding The DYA program expanded the physical fitness to include hiking. One of her goals was to learn the basics of volleyball.  Learning volleyball gave her confidence in the game and left behind being intimidated by it. Overcall this portion of the DYA program helped her in more ways than one.

Personal Development

  • One of her goals was expanding her knowledge and comfort level into different forms of art mediums One of the most gratifying accomplishments was learning how to use pencils while creating portraits. The serene and quiet environment in the parks helped her with the scenic portraits and drawings. Several of her art pieces were displayed in Brookhaven Town Hall in an exhibit.
  • The DYA program helped expand outside her comfort zone into learning new things as well as form new hobbies and to grow as an artist. She simply stated “ was a fun experience !”