District 16 - Zachery Seltzer - Silver

District 16 - Zachery Seltzer - SILVER

Zachery Seltzer | Legislator Susan A. Berland's Honoree | Silver Award

District 16 - Zachary Seltzer Headshot - SILVERPersonal Development

  • Zachery’s primary focus was to increase his knowledge and ability in the world of photography, conservation and nature while focusing on landscapes.
  • Zach had a wonderful mentor Bongi-(a graduate student) who does freelance photography. He learned techniques lighting and angels. The trifecta in good photography.
  • I purchased a wide angel lenses which enhanced not only the beauty but the experience as well.  
  • Another personal was to spread community awareness for recycling waste reduction. He started with recycling “markers”. He went to 3 nearby schools and was able to get these markers and recycle them to avoid putting it into the community trash.  
  • He learned that compost is messy and smelly but a good alternative to chemical fertilizer at the nearby community garden.

Validators Comments 

Bongi Vilane

  • Bongi (she) provided the following recommendation “Zachery is an amazing young man with a passion for photography. … I encouraged him to take risks with his photography and he made it incredibly fun …” 

Scott Steinberg

  • “Zachery visited the parks and thoroughly enjoyed them “


  • Zachery thoroughly enjoyed the visiting of the parks not just for the beauty of the outdoors and nature but also for the beaches.  One of his favorite beaches was Smith Point Park (Flight 800 crash), Although a solemn place and memorial he was able to see the beauty in the beach sands and water but also saw the beauty in those that visited there from all walks of life.

Physical Fitness

  • Goal was to join a gym and work out 2x/week focusing on weight training (arms and legs) as well as bicycle riding 3 miles uninterrupted (can now do 5 miles uninterrupted exceeding his goal. 
  • In the fall he lifted weights at LA Fitness (pre coved19) After that he made a gym at his home with barbells etc.  he incorporated push ups and lunges for strength training in addition helping out around the house and yard with cutting wood and yardwork.