District 16 - Ushima Chowdhury - Bronze

District 16 - Ushima Chowdhury - BRONZE

Ushima Chowdhury | Legislator Susan A. Berland's Honoree | Bronze Award

District 16 - Ushima Chowdhury Headshot - BRONZEPersonal Development

  • This came in many forms and it helped her meet her goals using the creative side of her brain with artwork.  Sher was proud to learn new styles of artwork by learning to use graphite and colored pencils. She was able to paint an art form in realism and fantasy artform. She learned process and form by starting with smaller pieces of artwork and then going to larger ones. She learned to paint with acrylics She learned patience and perseverance. Over all she feels that this challenge was met with success and by the review of her artwork I would concur.
  • She volunteered as well in hospitals and had to deal with these challenges as well as l with constructive criticism. It was a good learning experience and worth taking.

Physical Fitness

  • Personal goal was to focus on tennis and become a singles player. Her focus and dedication to this sport over the year gave her this opportunity to join a tennis team as well as practice with her dad. 
  • Ushima’s tenacity and willingness to give it her all served her well in her coach’s eyes as he gave her extra practice sessions and instruction She played and practiced outside the lessons and became a successful singles player. Her ability to go outside her comfort zone is a testament to the person she is across the scholastic board.

Volunteer Work

  • Her volunteerism was equally impressive with servicing in the medical field and at LI Cares and also helping writing “Thank you ‘letters for the firemen and frontline workers. She didn’t stop there she also volunteered with the Red Cross.