District 04 - Scott Alfano - Bronze

District 04 - Scott Alfano - BRONZE

Scott Alfano | Legislator Thomas Muratore's Honoree | Bronze Award

District 04 - Scott Alfano Headshot - BRONZEPersonal Development 

  • Goal was to pass chemistry regents -as it was one of his biggest challenges – report he PASASED all REGENTS. 
  • The DYA program helped with time management, process and provided the needed skill sets to assist me with his grades.


  • Visiting the parks help Scott understand the vastness and appreciation for open space & nature.
  • It helped him understand the ways animals and humans coexist as pedestrians use the bike and walking trails. He enjoyed camping there and living under the stars.

Physical Fitness

  • Scott is very involved with sports and learned the value and need for team building. Scott participates on sport teams and is on the JV football team in addition enjoying other team and personal sports.
  • Spent over 100 hours in the Gym and built up his physical endurance. 
  • Became an “expert” bike rider.
  • Was able to lift more weights and build endurance in cardio exercise.