District 17 - Owen Connolly - Bronze

District 17 - Owen Connolly - BRONZE

Owen Connolly | Legislator Tom Donnelly's Honoree | Bronze Award

District 17 - Owen Connolly Headshot - BRONZEPersonal Development 

  • Attended and Graduated from Eastern District of New York Institute. 
  • Volunteered in the community and at school.

Physical Fitness

  • Improved flexibility doing exercises that he was unable to previously do.
  • Changed travel team to join a more competitive team.
  • Tried out and made the New York State Regional Championship Team which features the top players from regions across New York State.
  • During cancellation of school lacrosse as a result of COVID-19 Owen outlined a weekly schedule of alternate daily running and cycling to build endurance and speed as well as stretching and foot drills. He also did training sessions with live shooting drills.