District 15 - Dylan Peck - Bronze

District 15 - Dylan Peck - BRONZEDylan Peck | Legislator Jason Richberg's Honoree | Bronze Award

District 15 - Dylan Peck Headshot - BRONZEDylan is one of the youngest participants in the program but don’t let that fool you he started at an early age in understanding his civic duties and  need for community service. 

Dylan worked in the library helping there in a tutoring program and also volunteered in a soup kitchen. He achieved a great sense of satisfaction in helping others He volunteered with “Chess Buddies” while helping other gain insight in the game and strategies. His experience and knowledge also overflowed into technology where he volunteered as a “Tech Tutor”. 

Dylan also enjoyed the outdoors and fresh air where he visited many of our county parks.  He was able to see and appreciate the beauty of mother nature and the importance of keeping it clean while keeping a watchful eye on our eco-system.

Dylan is a “go getter” so don’t let his age fool you he is ready to surpass other twice his age.