District 16 - Julia Johnson - Bronze

District 16 - Julia Johnson - BRONZE

Julia Johnson | Legislator Susan A. Berland's Honoree | Bronze Award

District 16 - Julia Johnson Headshot - BRONZEJulia received personal satisfaction and gained confidence in achieving many of these goals. The DYA program taught her how to become more active and productive and helped her discover she could help others in a positive way with the just “small stuff’. 

Her validator commented “Julia was eager to help wherever she could and was a pleasure to work with, she also sets a great example for others”.

Julia learned to prioritize physical fitness exercises for best use of time and results and used free weights and the treadmill to help achieve that goal. 

Julia simply like to help others and enjoys. She learned that her efforts can have a positive impact on others. She volunteered at a “culinary workhouse” putting together food boxes for hospitals and nursing homes and assisting those that were affected by the corona virus. 

She benefited in many other ways personally. She felt that this program helped her in motivating and disciplining her physical fitness which in turn helped her endurance and stamina improve.  Overall, she felt that it was a great learning experience.