Fire, Rescue and Emerg Medical Svcs & Preparedness

2021 Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services & Preparedness Video Vault


2021 Members 

Tom Cilmi - Chair | Tom Donnelly - Vice Chair

Susan A. Berland - Samuel Gonzalez - Kara Hahn - Leslie Kennedy

All meetings are held on Tuesdays at 11:30 AM at the Suffolk County Legislature, William H. Rogers Building, 725 Veterans Memorial Highway, Smithtown, NY unless otherwise noted below.

2021 Meeting Dates

  • 01/26/2021    
  • 02/23/2021    
  • 03/09/2021 (Canceled)    
  • 04/13/2021 (Canceled)    
  • 05/04/2021
  • 06/01/2021 (10:00 AM)    
  • 06/15/2021
  • 07/20/2021 (11:00 AM)    
  • 08/31/2021 (Inc. Capital Budget)
  • 09/28/2021 (Canceled)
  • 10/14/2021 (9:30 AM - Operating Budget Only)
  • 11/09/2021 (10:00 AM)    
  • 11/30/2021 (10:00 AM)    
  • 12/14/2021 (10:00 AM)


This Committee shall have jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to the Suffolk County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services.

This Committee shall have jurisdiction over all matters associated with emergency management and preparedness, hazard mitigation and disaster response and planning.  This shall include planning for natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes and cataclysmic weather events and the emergency preparedness elements associated with the effects of climate change, as well as man-made disasters such as explosions, fires and chemical and biological attacks.

This Committee shall have jurisdiction over all Vocational, Education and Extension Board appointments.

This Committee shall have jurisdiction over all emergency medical services and the Emergency Medical Services Division in the Department of Health Services.

This Committee shall also consider and vote on any appointment to a board, commission, department, agency, authority, task force, or comparable entity under the jurisdiction of this Committee.