Suffolk County COVID-19 Resources

Remembering those lost to COVID-19

Dear Suffolk County residents:

The County of Suffolk, N.Y. offers its deepest condolences to all who are grieving the loss of a loved one to COVID-19. It has been a difficult time, made all the more painful by an inability to mourn in person, surrounded by others, in the ways we are used to.

To honor the family members, neighbors, heroes and friends we have lost to COVID-19, the Suffolk County Legislature is building a memorial that will be based in Hauppauge. Once it is complete, the Suffolk County COVID-19 Memorial will be a collection of ribbons with the names of those from our county who have passed away from this disease.

See the links on this page to find more information about how to ensure your loved one is included in the Suffolk County COVID-19 Memorial.

If you have lost someone as a result of this health crisis, you are not alone. We hope this memorial gives those who have lost someone they love the opportunity to find comfort in community. We stand with you and wish you healing and peace during this difficult time.