Roxana Sherrill

17. Roxana Sherrill

Roxana Sherrill | Legislator Tom Donnelly’s Honoree

17. Roxana Sherrill photoRoxana Sherrill is both a Nurse at North Shore University Hospital and a Clinical Professor of Nursing at Stony Brook University School of Nursing. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic Ms. Sherrill worked 10-12 hour shifts six days a week and taught her students how to administer COVID vaccines at Stony Brook and SUNY Old Westbury vaccination sites. In addition, Ms. Sherrill and her nursing students volunteered at Stony Brook University Hospital on the COVID-19 floors to help the unit nurses who were tired and overwhelmed. They brought bags of coffee, home-made masks and assisted the nurses by making much needed phone calls to families giving updates about their loved ones.

Legislator Tom Donnelly is honored to recognize Roxana Sherrill as the 17th Legislative District’s Healthcare Hero.