David Roth

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David Roth | Legislator Dominick S. Thorne's Honoree

07. David RothDavid Roth has been a New York State Paramedic since 1999. His career started working in the New York City health system. For the past 14 year’s David has been serving the residence of the North Patchogue Fire district. During this time he has been credited for saving countless lives. He is currently an RSI medic with the fire district. Which is one of the highest levels a paramedic can hold in the Suffolk county EMS system. He has been a mentor to his peers and is highly regarded in the EMS Community. His clinical skills are superb he has the ability to quickly access, diagnose, and implement high level of patient care. Dave is humble and never one to be in the spotlight. He is a true leader who is deserving of this award.