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Raymond Mayo | Legislator Samuel Gonzalez’s Honoree

  • 09. Raymond MayoServed as Board of Director/Captain as well as Assistant Chief.  
  • Active Riding member (EMT/Driver) with countless CPR saves (26 yrs).
  • 2005 – Worked with cablevision (wrote and co-directed) to create a BLA commercial in order to entice new recruits.
  • 2006 - Through a grant I secured through the honorable Senator Ceaser Trunzo, I built the first computer room at BLA (backup system, upgraded security, installed CCTV system). 
  • 2009 - Co-coordinated and Emceed (MC;d) our first Fashion Show fundraiser pooling local Doctors and Nurses as well as local FD and Ambulance corps as models.  Clothing donated by retail stores in our area.
  • 2011-2015 - Obtained grants for BLA from JPMorgan Chase ($1500.00 yearly)

Brentwood Legion Ambulance (BLA): Accomplishments:

  • Served as Board of Director/Captain for over 10 years.
  • Served as Recording Secretary and Secretary/Assistant Chief, 2 years.  
  • Active Riding member (EMT/Driver) with many CPR saves (26 yrs).
  • Explorer Post 325 Advisor
  • Through a grant I secured through the honorable Senator Ceaser Trunzo, I built the first computer room at BLA (backup system, upgraded security, installed cctv system).
  • Obtained grants for BLA from JPMorgan Chase
  • Worked with cablevision (wrote, co-directed) BLA commercial back in 2005 to gain new recruits. 

B.A.C.C./Community Accomplishments:

  • 2017 - At the request of DPC Lewis, Co-Founded BYI (Brentwood Youth Initiative) along with local Pastors working with BUFSD, worked to help local strife HS students get back on track to graduate.  Now part of the Steering Committee planning workshops and creating resolutions to help our students maintain positive activities and ways to keep our students positively engaged.
  • 2015 - At the request of then Leg. Monica Martinez (and still) work with local leaders and Chaired by Magali Roman created CBL/CLI to organize, support community efforts to reduce recidivism among the targeted few, ways to assist the eldery in daily life, work to resolve other community concerns.
  • Co-Founder of Suffolk County Caribbean American Cultural Association (SCCACA).  Planning 2020 & 2021 LI Carnival and Festival as well as other community programs and workshops within Suffolk County.
  • Working to get Youth Explorer post in mainstream business (i.e. legal firms, hospitals, Town board, etc…) to ensure our youth get experience to better determine their future path (personal goal).
  • BACC - Neighborhood Watch Captain (Westwood Dr.) registered with the Town of Islip (TOI)
  • As part of the pre-BACC corporation I worked with Sheppard’s Gate/VISION and other community groups to ensure PEACE March 2010 was a success.  This included insuring local community agencies were included in planning process (Brentwood Fire Dept. /Brentwood Legion Ambulance (BLA)) as well as helping day of the event with crowd safety and water dispersement on that day (3/22/10).  
  • Volunteered to shuttle other volunteers to areas of need in Paint Back the Streets (PBS1 (2010)) in both Brentwood & Central Islip and ensured all participants stayed hydrated as well as delivered paint to areas of need.  
  • Coordinated with Clean Streets Committee on PBS2(Paint Back the Streets 2) in Brentwood as well as helped paint fences removing graffiti.  
  • Working with Clean Streets Committee/Uplift Brentwood in planning and will be part of the 10th year anniversary Clean Streets Project 2020.
  • Door to door helping block captains recruit signatures for Neighborhood Watch members.
  • Organized peaceful protest regarding for Nancy Quattrociocchi who was wrongfully removed from the Suffolk County Police Department (SCPD COPE) unit for advising community residence to seek answers from higher ranking officials within SCPD.  
  • Worked with SCPD COPE Officer C. Ross to get Family Night (movies, snacks, kid specific activities) in our schools.  Purpose is opening communications with community groups/school officials/students/parents and giving the kids an avenue for dialogue/safe activities.  -  BACC has taken over the Family Night series at Roberto Clemente Park (formerly known as Timberline Park).  Now handled by SCPD COPE held at BPL regularly through-out the year.
  • Worked with entire BACC Board members to have our first major fundraiser, (BACC Talent Showcase) which showcased all local talent (Poetry, Song, Dance, Acting, etc…).
  • Worked with BACC Board Members to create the BACC Community Cook Book (Volume 1).
  • Worked with BACC President (Lenny Tucker) to meet privately with Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy appointees and HS students (Brentwood and Central Islip) to get their input on their issues and concerns in school.  Then pulled other community leaders together to come up with a proposed plan in addressing these concerns with Brentwood Union Free School District (BUFSD) School Board.  
  • Accompanied many local residents (afraid to come forward) together with police to ensure their personal issues and concerns are properly addressed.
  • Worked with fellow BACC board member Tito Burrowes and other members to work on cleanup projects and upgrading of all parks(by the TOI) in our Brentwood community(then onto CI, and Bayshore).  Freeman Park was updated in 2012, we completed Noble St. park in 2013.
  • In Feb 2011 Received the Black history month award from the Town Of Islip.
  • Assisted PRONTO of Long Island (as a BACC member) to assist with their Almost Home Project (helping homeless clients find shelter for the night).
  • Supported The Truth Inc. in 2013 with their United Youth Competition (Pilot (at BHS) and first competition (C.I. HS) – first youth theatrical competition). 
  • Out of frustration and a deep passion for our youth, along with two other community leaders from Central Islip (Deborah C. and Ampora C.) approached then Senator Zeldin (now Senator) to create a Gang Registry bill.   One of two of the Gang Registry bill was passed in 2019.
  • In 2012 I was given the opportunity by SBU’s Dr. Carlos Vidal (R.I.P.) to assist with getting community involvement with their HCOP (Health Career Opportunity Program) program.  I pulled together 15 volunteer CPR trainers from multiple volunteer agencies in Suffolk County to certify 75 students (in SBU’s HCOP) in CPR in one day (what a blessing). 
  • After working with St. Anne’s Outreach Parish to serve food and give blankets directly after Hurricane Sandy, and working with other community leaders to help gut out homes in the Nassau and Suffolk county communities affected by Sandy.  I officially joined the Red Cross in 2013 and am now a certified case manager and looking to travel nationwide with rescue efforts as needed.
  • 2011-2019 in NY and MD volunteered and now an associate member with the SPVA (Suffolk Police Veterans Association) in their yearly BBQ providing free meals and gifts and good spirits to wounded Veterans.
  • Baptized and new member of First Baptist church in Oct of 2012.  Work with multiple churches ensuring food delivery to be provided for the homeless (when time permits).

From a personal standpoint, I was born and raised in Queens NY, and moved with family between Queens, Hempstead and Brentwood.  I attended Brentwood from the 7th grade center to HS then transferred and graduated from Hempstead HS.  I completed some college in upstate Sullivan County but did not graduate (long story).  I began my career directly after college with JPMChase where I remained for 24 years as an Associate within the Technology group.  I am now a contractor in Technology for a major financial company.


B.A.C.C. – Brentwood Association of Concerned Citizens

B.L.A. – Brentwood Legion Ambulance

CBI/CLI – Community Based Initiative/Community Leadership Initiative