Dr. Cevallos-Brennan

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Dr. Cevallos-Brennan | Deputy Presiding Officer Steven J. Flotteron's Honoree

11. Dr. Cevallos-BrennaA native of Florida and now of West Islip works as a hospitalist at Good Samaritan hospital Medical Center in West Islip.

Dr Cevallos-Brennan became well known in the community and especially during the covid-19 pandemic as she knew many family and friends through her husband who grew up here. Dr Cevallos-Brennan has a heart of gold.  Dr Cevallos-Brennan is first generation Ecuadorian born in United States and her first language being Spanish she provides amazing care to many of the Spanish speaking patients that come to GSH.

Dr Cevallos-Brennan has a dedicated history to service. She spent almost 6 years in the United States Navy in the amphibious unit search and rescue and helicopter squadron where she stationed at various naval bases along the east coast of United States. Dr Cevallos-Brennan and her husband worked on the covid wards during the worst times of COVID 19. A FRIEND, Anthony MUSUMECI asked both Janet and her husband to look over and check over some of the families that were separated from their loved ones during covid. JANET spent endless hours in the hospital not only caring for her own patients but also doing video conferencing with patients and families who she didn't even know this building lasting relationships. Janet states that this was honestly the best medicine that one can do is providing families with the comfort of knowing their loved ones are being cared for and are getting better. Dr Cevallos-Brennan loves working with all colleagues in healthcare including nurses assistance, CNAs, APP'S and they work as a team to improve patient outcomes.

Dr Cevallos-Brennan and her husband Dr Christopher Brennan also went through a tough time with COVID having been hospitalized for over a week.  One year following being her COVID admission she was admitted to the hospital with a heart attack  heart disease and heart failure. During her time recovering Dr Cevallos-Brennan worked as much as possible but also her own mom was admitted to the hospital down in Florida which took a toll on her. This was followed by the death of her first cousin who was in her 50s and her best friend and then her 102 year old grandmother. Despite all the heart breaking illnesses and losses Dr Cevallos-Brennan was there for families and friends that needed her in the community.

Dr Cevallos-Brennan knew what it was like to be away from her family. Dr Cevallos-Brennan felt the pain of other patients and took it upon herself to provide video conferencing for not only her patients but strangers and people who she knew through the community.