Angelina Hall, RN, ANCC

05 - Angelina Hall, RN, ANCC

Angelina Hall, RN, ANCC | Legislator Kara Hahn's Honoree

05. Angelina HallAngelina Hall, RN, ANCC, is an outstanding example of what a nurse should exemplify to the field of nursing and patients. The energy and exuberance she brings every day to St. Charles Hospital is infectious and invigorating! Her love of nursing is obvious to her colleagues, but most especially to the patients and family members she interacts with at the hospital.

Angelina has shown herself to be committed to furthering her education and staying current on best nursing practices. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a BSN in Nursing from Pace University. She is enrolled in the Master’s degree program of Nursing Leadership at Stony Brook University. She has advanced her knowledge base by completing a PCCN certification and attends many continuing education conferences of various topics. She actively participates in committees and affiliations including NYONEL, HAC Committee, Falls Committee, Daisy Committee and Nursing Leadership Committee. All of this exemplifies her dedication to the nursing profession and being a lifelong learner.

As a nurse at St. Charles’ telemetry unit for five years, Angelina proved herself time and time again as responsible, diligent, and compassionate caregiver. Because of these attributes, she was elevated to Assistant Nursing Care Coordinator. It is a position she instantly excelled at, becoming a resource and point person for all staff on the unit, physicians, patients and families. Her ability to provide confidence and assurance to staff makes our unit a better place to work. She leads by example, and brings positivity to every day. Always eager to expand her capabilities, if a question arises that she does not know the answer to, she will find the information needed and educate all her staff. She emphasizes that all questions are valid and treats everyone with respect and kindness. Her commitment to safety and proper procedures ensures a confident work day for all. New nurses are the recipients of her unwavering support and patience. When she is on the unit, there is a palpable sense of calm and control. 

Angelina’s pride in being a nurse is an integral part of who she is. She advocates for her staff, and empowers them to be proud of their career choice. Her passion for nursing becomes very clear when she deals with patients and families. She truly cares about patient’s wellbeing and is invested in their recovery. Families are reassured and comforted. There is a trust she facilitates with people that is an asset beyond measure. Her awareness of patient experience is a model for all to follow, she consistently sets the bar high by example.