Joe Themann

06 - Joe Themann

Joe Themann | Legislator Sarah Anker's Honoree

06. Joe ThemannJoe Themann is uniquely qualified and deserving of this honor, as demonstrated by his exemplary record of public service. Throughout the dark beginning times of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, he selflessly put others before himself in countless ways. As a first responder, he continuously puts himself in precarious situations in order to help people he has never met. Joe has worked hard over many years to achieve new levels of EMS service, which serves as a reflection of his passion for the work. Suffolk County is safer, stronger, and better, because of Joe’s service.

 Joe Themann has been serving in EMS since 2008. He graduated from his high school’s EMT program in 2006 and the Stony Brook University paramedic program in 2011. He started working for the Coram Fire District in August of that year. Joe was promoted to EMS Supervisor of the Coram Fire District in 2020, and also currently serves as the assistant paramedic supervisor for Northport Village. For Coram F.D. Joe manages a team of over twenty paramedics that respond to over three thousand medical calls a year. He is a dedicated professional who does not leave his job at “the office” when he clocks out at the end of his shift. During the COVID-19 pandemic Joe's leadership was vital in ensuring the safety of our personnel as well as those being treated by them. Joe is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled EMS provider. He is a recipient of five lifesaving awards from Suffolk County. His concern for the patients under his care is superior and is the example all paramedics should strive to achieve. His professionalism is paramount, and is something we do not take for granted at the Coram FD. When Joe is not at work, he enjoys spending time at home with his wife and two young daughters.