Priya Persaud

17 - Priya

Priya Persaud | Legislator Tom Donnelly's Honoree

17.-Priya-PersadPriya Persaud has been a registered nurse for the past 7 years. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors in Health Sciences and obtained her Bachelors in Nursing from Chamberlain University. Priya currently works as registered nurse at Catholic Health Good Samaritan University hospital in West Islip, NY. For the majority of her nursing career, she has been working as an Operating room nurse. During the pandemic she was floated to the medical ICU to work alongside ICU nurses to help care for the surge of COVID 19 patients in our community.

Priya enjoys working in the fast pace of the operating room while still being able to make a meaningful impact on her patients lives. "Everyday we are meeting different people, some may be coming into an operating room for a very minor procedure while others may face more serious health challenges and complex surgeries.  Either way we get to know our patients very quickly and have the opportunity to ease their minds, provide individualized nursing care intraoperatively, while building meaningful connections with our patients". 

Priya resides in Deer Park, NY with her husband and 3 year old son. She is expecting her second son, due in June 2023.