Jessica Alese

06. Jessica Alese

Jessica Alese | Legislator Sarah Anker's Honoree | Branch of Service: Army

06. Jessica AlesePvt Jessica Alese joined the Army National Guard in 2009 at 18 years old. She enlisted as 31B Military police with the 442D Military Police (MP) Company. Soon after finishing Basic Training and AIT at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, then PV2 Alese was sent overseas to Iraq in 2010 where she spent a year in the Al Anbar Province mostly in Ramadi, Al Asad, Baghdad, Fallujah, and various outposts. During her deployment, she worked with Police transition teams, trained female Iraqi police, engaged in Key Leader Engagements with her command, provided convoy security, guarded the Ramadi detainment facility, and facilitated MRW events for her company and the entire base. Throughout her deployment, PV2 Alese proved her superior dedication and work ethic. By the middle of her deployment, she was promoted to SPC Alese received many coins and awards for her achievements.

After returning home, SPC Alese went to college to study physical therapy and joined the veteran’s group at her college campus. In December 2013, she welcomed her first son Blake to the world on Christmas Day. In December 2015, the 442D MP Co was deployed again to Guantanamo Bay Cuba. SGT Jessica Alese competed against her fellow NCOs to secure her spot as a Squad leader for the deployment below the pay grade of a typical Military Police Squad Leader. A year-long deployment in the Caribbean country Cuba may sound like a vacation; however, it was far from a peaceful experience for military personnel. The 442D worked inside two of the detainment facilities with many notorious captured detainees awaiting their trials. Long days and nights within the facility were anything but pleasant. SGT Alese did take the time to volunteer at base churches and facilities and trained her soldiers on their downtime. During her deployment, SGT Alese received multiple awards for her dedication and achievements as a squad leader.

After returning home from her second deployment, SGT Alese was faced with multiple changes in the future of the Army. Requirements and regulations hinder career progression for those looking to further their careers. However, SGT Alese applied for a position on the Counterdrug Task Force as a criminal Analyst and was awarded the position. She worked with multiple Federal Law Enforcement Agencies from 2017-2019, including Homeland Security out of JFK, working large-scale conspiracy cases, and tracked drugs funneling into the United States via international channels. In 2019, she transferred to the 107th MP Co in Brooklyn Fort Hamilton, NY. SGT Alese finally received a school slot in Fort Hunter-Liggett, California to complete her Military Police Advanced Leaders Course to officially become a Staff Sergeant.

In 2020, her active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) position changed to the Drug Demand Reduction Outreach Program, and she has been helping communities across Long Island with data collection, mental health programs, receiving federal grants, and providing technical assistance. She is a vital part to maintain the support needed to lower the demand for drugs among youth, adults, and veterans on Long Island. Soon after her promotion, SSG Alese spent her 2021 hot summer in Fort Polk, Louisiana, leading her squad on the day and night missions providing security for essential equipment to the forward line of troops, the shadow platoons providing air support, establishing a relationship with local civilians during her key leader engagements, and maintaining accountability of her entire platoon during indirect fire including vehicles, and equipment. She moved the entire platoon out of the “Killzone” and took charge in the absence of orders. SSG Alese was named Hero of the Battlefield during that iteration at JRTC at the battalion and brigade levels. SSG Alese was then sent to the 104th MP Battalion (BN), to further her knowledge of the operations and logistics.

During her time at BN SSG Alese was recognized to be a very important member of the BN and was immediately sent to the Senior Leaders Course in Fort Knox, Kentucky in April of 2022. While completing her training, she was informed that the 107th MP Company was heading overseas to train with the South African National Defense Force. SSG Alese requested to be a part of the Operation Shared Accord. In July 2022 the platoon made its way to Bloemfontein and Richards Bay South Africa. They learned about the South African culture-  the Zulu Nation, visited local communities, provided food and water, and visited Richards Bay school where they performed an exercise for the students and community, trained with SANDF (South African national defense force), conducted MOPP and DECON training in contamination areas, conducted STX across various areas in Richards Bay. During her time in South Africa, SSG Alese was awarded multiple coins for her leadership capabilities and was also notified that she will not be returning to S3 at BN, rather she would return home to the 442D MP Co where her journey started because she was selected to be a Sergeant First Class Platoon Sergeant.

SSG Alese was Pinned  Sargent First Class (SFC) in Farmingdale, NY September 2022 with her family present. In March of 2023 while on a Blackhawk, SFC Alese discovered she was expecting her second child, due November 2023. SFC Alese enjoys her time mentoring, training, and supporting her soldiers and cannot wait to see what her future holds as a Senior Noncommissioned Officer in the Army National Guard.