Budget & Finance Committee - 2017


This Committee shall have jurisdiction over resolutions to amend the  Suffolk County operating budget during a fiscal year; and shall have  jurisdiction over resolutions to transfer and/or release funds from any  contingency account, pursuant to Section C4-23 of the Suffolk County Charter.

Documentation Review

This Committee shall:

  • Review and consider all legislative proposals amending, modifying, or affecting the budgetary process for any County budget
  • Review  and consider all actions, legislation, and proposals affecting the  budget and spending cap laws, the simplified dual budgetary process, and  the capital budget offset law; consider resolutions waiving financial  disclosure requirements and administrative expense limitations  applicable to contract agencies
  • Review, consider, and report  upon all proposals, actions, and/or legislation affecting each County  budget (except for the Community College) from a County-wide perspective  rather than from a department-wide, district-wide, or town-wide  perspective
  • Review how the County Comptroller is investing the County’s monies to maximize investment returns
  • Review proposals to issue revenue and tax anticipation notes and to refund previously issued bonds
  • Consider whether or not the County is effectively managed on the executive level.

Drinking Water

This  Committee shall have jurisdiction over the implementation of the  Suffolk County 1/4% Drinking Water Protection Program as to the sewer  rate stabilization and taxpayer portions thereof; and proposals to  increase taxes, decrease taxes, and/or generate revenues of whatever  kind and nature for use by the County of Suffolk or any other level of  government.


This Committee shall  also consider and vote on any appointment to a board, commission,  department, agency, authority, task force, or comparable entity under  the jurisdiction of this Committee as well as any outside consultant  which may be authorized by this Committee.

II. Budget Review Screening

Established via Section C2-19(C) of the Suffolk County Charter to maintain general supervision of and liaison with the Legislative Budget Review Office.