Public Works, Transportation & Energy Committee - 2017


This Committee shall have jurisdiction over:

  • All public works projects in the County of Suffolk
  • County dredging
  • County Department of Public Works
  • All County sewer districts
  • County Sewer Agency
  • All sewer installation
  • Proposals to access monies in the Assessment Stabilization Reserve Fund or the Enhanced Suffolk County Water Quality Protection Program for sewer infrastructure, sewer treatment plants or enhanced nitrogen removal septic systems
  • All County (Capital or Operating) building or construction projects, except the Suffolk County Community College
  • Maintenance of County buildings
  • County snow plowing
  • Mass transportation
  • County’s vector control plan
  • Ferry companies
  • Implementation of the Green Clean Program
  • Purchasing, leasing, and contracting for all supplies, materials, vehicles and equipment
  • Disposition of surplus personal property
  • County Fleet Services and vehicles, including alternative energy initiatives for the County Fleet

Print Shop

This Committee shall have jurisdiction over the operation of the Print Shop and all print shop issues.

Eminent Domain Functions

This Committee shall have jurisdiction over eminent domain functions as it relates to highway and other public works projects.

Naming of Roads

This Committee shall have jurisdiction over the naming of County roadways.

Public Utilities

This Committee shall also review and consider all matters pertaining to:

  • PSE&G, LIPA and other public utilities
  • Monitor the PSC
  • Monitor FERC applications made by the County of Suffolk or the Suffolk County Electrical Agency
  • Oversee the actions and activities of the Suffolk County Electrical Agency
  • Provide oversight of all BNL issues, and remediation efforts at the site, and related studies
  • Review and consider all legislation affecting solar energy, cogeneration, windmills


This  Committee shall also consider and vote on any appointment to a board,  commission, department, agency, authority, task force, or comparable  entity under the jurisdiction of this Committee as well as any outside  consultant which may be authorized by this Committee.