Ways & Means Committee - 2017


This Committee shall review and consider:

  • All actions and legislation affecting insurance
  • General real estate matters (including all leases, except at Gabreski Airport)
  • Review and consider the sale of Brownfields property tax liens
  • Hardship and Local Law 16 property redemptions
  • §72-h transfers except for affordable/workforce housing; general land transfers
  • Waivers of interest, penalties or surcharges on tax payments
  • All matters involving the day-to-day operation of County government, including, but not limited to:
    • The County Legislature
    • Operation of the County Department of Audit and Control
    • The Real Property Tax Service Agency
    • The Department of Law;
    • The Board of Elections and all matters related to the conduct of elections
    • The County Clerk’s Office
    • The County Executive’s Office
    • OTB
    • The review, consideration, and approval of settlements of litigation claims against the County of Suffolk
    • The  review, consideration, and approval of insurance liability claims for  personal injury or property damage and worker’s compensation claims  against the County
    • Review proposals to name or rename County facilities or place symbols or memorials at County facilities

Court Facilities

This  Committee shall have jurisdiction over issues dealing with the  construction, operation, and maintenance of Court facilities located  within the County of Suffolk; over legislation and matters affecting the  responsibilities of the District Court and the Traffic and Parking  Violations Agency; and judicial appointments.

Additional Responsibilities

In  addition, the Committee shall review lobbyists’ legislation; ethics  legislation; initiative and referendum; and review and consider all  technical corrections.

This Committee shall be responsible for overseeing full implementation and enforcement of all of the laws of Suffolk County.


This  Committee shall also consider and vote on any appointment to a board,  commission, department, agency, authority, task force, or comparable  entity under the jurisdiction of this Committee and any appointment to a  board, commission, department, agency, authority, task force, or  comparable entity not under the jurisdiction of another Committee as  well as any outside consultant which may be authorized by this  Committee.