2016 Resolutions

Introduced Resolutions (IR)

  • Sponsored a Local Law to clarify item pricing requirements. (IR 1887-16 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a Local Law to establish a Multi-Year Financial Plan. (IR 1765-16 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a resolution establishing a Suffolk County Tax Act Study Committee. (IR 1685-16 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a Local Law to register retailers of liquid nicotine in Suffolk County). (IR 1598-16 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a Charter Law to improve the County's budget approval and amendment process to increase transparency and accountability ("Taxpayer Awareness Act"). (IR 1503-16 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a Local Law to increase penalties for violation of social host laws. (IR 1471-16 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a resolution to develop and maintain an online affordable housing directory in Suffolk County. (IR 1439-16 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a resolution establishing the Suffolk County safer streets program. (IR 1407-16 (PDF))
  • Sponsored a Local Law to elicit public input and require legislative approval of fee changes. (IR 1151-16 (PDF))