2011 Resolutions

Introductory Resolutions

  • Sponsored a resolution to establish a new policy for FIT reimbursement. (Introductory Resolution 1774-11 (PDF)).
  • Sponsored a Charter Law to amend the Drinking Water Protection Program to fund remediation of contaminated commercial sites. (Introductory Resolution 1729-11).
  • Sponsored a Charter Law to require legislative approval of Major Water Management Policy Initiatives. (Introductory Resolution 1566-11 (PDF)).
  • Sponsored a Charter Law to require timely submission of budget amendments. (Introductory Resolution 1414-11 (PDF)).
  • Sponsored a Charter Law to ensure transparency in the County budget process. (Introductory Resolution 1289-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a resolution for approval of a contract award for implementation of a Collection System Treatment Process Improvement Project for Sewer District No. 3 - Southwest. (Introductory Resolution 1209-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored an amendment to the 2011 Operating Budget and authorizing Suffolk County to enter into an agreement with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (“SPCA”). (Introductory Resolution 1307-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a Local Law to prohibit County elected officials from collecting two public salaries. (Introductory Resolution 1372-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a resolution approving the appointment of Bryan Prosek, as a member of the Suffolk County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services Commission. (Introductory Resolution 1433-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a resolution naming the Veterans Plaza in Raynor Beach County Park in honor of Robert J. Molinari. (Introductory Resolution 1559-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a Charter Law utilizing Assessment Stabilization Reserve surpluses to enhance sewer capacity and provide tax relief. (Introductory Resolution 1714-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a Charter Law to authorize the use of development rights for municipal fire, ambulance and police districts in Suffolk County. (Introductory Resolution 1772-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a Local Law to authorize advertising in the County tax map album and set advertising rates. (Introductory Resolution 2036-11 (PDF)).