2011 Resolutions

Introduced Resolutions (IR)

  • Sponsored a resolution to establish a new policy for FIT reimbursement. (IR 1774- 11 (PDF)).
  • Sponsored a Charter Law to amend the Drinking Water Protection Program to fund remediation of contaminated commercial sites. (IR 1729-11).
  • Sponsored a Charter Law to require legislative approval of Major Water Management Policy Initiatives. (IR 1566-11 (PDF)).
  • Sponsored a Charter Law to require timely submission of budget amendments. (IR 1414 -11 (PDF)).
  • Sponsored a Charter Law to ensure transparency in the County budget process. (IR 1289-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a resolution for approval of a contract award for implementation of a Collection System Treatment Process Improvement Project for Sewer District No. 3 - Southwest. (IR 1209-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored an amendment to the 2011 Operating Budget and authorizing Suffolk County to enter into an agreement with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (“SPCA”). (IR 1307-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a Local Law to prohibit County elected officials from collecting two public salaries. (IR 1372-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a resolution approving the appointment of Bryan Prosek, as a member of the Suffolk County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services Commission. (IR 1433-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a resolution naming the Veterans Plaza in Raynor Beach County Park in honor of Robert J. Molinari. (IR 1559-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a Charter Law utilizing Assessment Stabilization Reserve surpluses to enhance sewer capacity and provide tax relief. (IR 1714-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a Charter Law to authorize the use of development rights for municipal fire, ambulance and police districts in Suffolk County. (IR 1772-11 (PDF)).
  • Co-sponsored a Local Law to authorize advertising in the County tax map album and set advertising rates. (IR 2036-11 (PDF)).