2013 Resolutions

Introductory Resolutions

  • Sponsored legislation authorizing the acquisition of Farmland Development Rights under the New Suffolk County Drinking Water Protection program for the Riverhead Central School District No. 2 property - Town of Riverhead (Resolution 339-13 (PDF)).
  • Sponsored a Local Law to expand exemptions to boating safety instruction requirements for retired members of the United States Coast Guard, the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the United States Navy (Resolution 278-13 (PDF)).
  • Sponsored legislation to adopt a Charter Law to strengthen farmland preservation in Suffolk County (Introductory Resolution 1465-13 (PDF)).
  • Sponsored legislation to adopt a Local Law to improve the process of Procuring Surveying and Environmental Assessment Services (Introductory Resolution 1464-13 (PDF)).
  • Sponsored legislation to appoint member to the Suffolk County Board of Trustees of Parks, Recreation, and Conservation (Introductory Resolution 1418-13 (PDF)).
  • Co-Sponsor - Providing Tax Exemptions for solar Energy system Installations (Resolution 29-13 (PDF)).
  • Co-Sponsor - Acquisition of Land at North Fork Preserve (Resolution 31-13 (PDF)).
  • Co-Sponsor - Evaluation of Innovative/ alternative sewage disposal systems (Resolution 33-13 (PDF)).
  • Co-Sponsor - Pilot study for clustered treatment of Decentralized waste water Peconic Estuary (Resolution 34-13 (PDF)).
  • Co-Sponsor - Appointing Joe Sawicki to Judicial Facilities agency (Resolution 54-2013 (PDF)).
  • Co-Sponsor - Accepting of certain underwater and transferring such land to Suffolk County EPA (Resolution 91-13 (PDF)).
  • Co-Sponsor - Establish East Hampton and Shelter Is. for Public safety revenue-sharing funds (Resolution 93-13 (PDF)).
  • Appointing Albert Krupski as member of Suffolk County Soil and Water District (Resolution 108-13 (PDF)).
  • Co-Sponsor - Appropriating funds with Village of Southampton Agawam Lake III storm water remediation (Resolution 109-13 (PDF)).
  • Co-Sponsor - Modify golf fees for veterans in County parks (Resolution 118-13 (PDF)).
  • Community Protection Act (Resolution 13-13 (PDF)).