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LD 03 - Legislator James F. Mazzarella

Posted on: June 14, 2021

Legislator Mazzarella Gets Right to Work

Legislator James F. Mazzarella

Mastic, N.Y. – Newly-elected Suffolk County Legislator Jim Mazzarella has spared no time and has begun working for the residents of the Third Legislative District.

One of his many responsibilities as a member of the Suffolk County Legislature is to serve on Legislative Committees.  Getting approval from a legislative committee is one of the many steps required for legislation to become law in Suffolk County.  Legislator Mazzarella has been assigned to serve on three legislative committees: Education and Labor; Economic Development, Planning and Housing; and Public Safety.

“Thank you to Presiding Officer Rob Calarco for appointing me to serve on these three committees,” said Legislator Mazzarella. “I am excited to roll up my sleeves and start working with all of these committees and the other legislators who serve on them with me.  I am extremely proud to serve on the Education and Labor Committee, as I have spent over 30 years working as a union official and representing my brothers and sisters in organized labor.  I will bring this experience with me into my new role as a member of the Education and Labor Committee.” 

After a resolution is introduced and laid on the table, it is then assigned to a committee.  Resolutions are assigned to specific committees depending on which topic they cover or which department within the county they affect.  Resolutions are vetted in committees before they move to the full legislative body to be approved. The legislature has 12 standing committees. For more information, visit

Legislator Mazzarella has started his term as legislator during a critical time, when the legislature has an opportunity to make amendments to the county’s Capital Budget.  This budget specifically addresses long-term projects and capital improvements within the County. 

“It is not an easy job, but it is a crucially important part of what we do at the legislature,” stated Legislator Mazzarella. “I look forward to working with my colleagues to provide the very best services and capital improvements to the residents of the Third Legislative District.” 

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