What does a County Legislator do?

Very basically, the Legislature is the policy-making branch of County government. We make some of the laws that impact Suffolk County residents and businesses. Additionally, we amend and adopt the County Executive's proposed Operating Budget (make this a link) and Capital Budget (make this a link).

The County is responsible (in part) for:

            Maintaining County roads and buildings

            Administering most public assistance

            Providing for public safety through the Police Department, Sheriff's Department, District Attorney and Probation, as well as operate   three correctional facilities;

            Overseeing public and environmental health

            Funding Suffolk County Community College

            Managing a variety of Civil Service responsibilities

            Providing a variety of referral services and funding related to veterans, seniors and disabled persons among others

            Providing for public transportation through our bus system

            Providing consumer protection through our Department of Labor, Licensing and Consumer Affairs

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